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Unique Journals

January is a great time to start something new and it is also a time to begin again. Have you been looking for something new to try or maybe you started something and need to finish it. I have decided to commit to writing more and I wanted to take this time to share an idea I had with all of you.

Creating things and just doing different projects is something I love to do. I do write in journals quite often and I decided to decorate mine. 
After a trip to hobby lobby and my craft room and one Amazon order, I have everything I need to make super fun and unique journals.

•Mod Podge 

•Tissue paper or napkins

•Blank journal

•Paint brushes 


Mod Podge can be found at Hobby lobby or on Amazon but I picked some up when I was out at the store along with the pink tissue paper. 
I found the journals on Amazon and ordered several to create different unique journals. 
I simply Used paint brushes and scissors that I had at home. 
I cut out hearts from the tissue paper and used the mod Podge so my hearts would stay. I gently smoothed out any lines with my hands but let the journals dry and sit with something flat and heavy on top. If you have an old book that will work. 
Just have fun, be creative and don’t be afraid to try something new or finish something you started. I was never the best in art class but I always loved it and it gave me time to relax and get inspired.
I hope you like my Valentine’s Day inspired journals. 

I added some lace around the heart so it would pop. Check out the final look! 

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